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Intercessors have one powerful thing in common; we each have the authority of the Name of Jesus, the Lamb of God, His Holy Spirit that leads, and a God--given burden to see the fire of Father God invade our world in this generation.



We want to be a source of prayer support if you too have a calling of God to be an instrument in the hands of God and you do not know how to begin, or you are part of a strong Bible-believing congregation or organization, and you want to be mobilized and better prepared in knowledge and relationships of like-minded vision for His purpose to unfold through you.


Sometimes When we know our place in the pardon and justice of God, we will operate at a much deeper level of authority and discernment, and prophetically - not only against spiritual principalities and attack, but to equally be an agent of change in His kingdom for a mighty move of God in our land and beyond!

The purpose of this prayer effort is to unite through Holy Spirit in one mind and objective - to hear what the Lord is saying to the church and partner with Him in this critical time for the nations and to impact our generation around the world today.



MONDAYS:                 Arts & Entertainment


TUESDAYS:                Business


WEDNESDAYS:          Education


THURSDAYS:              Family


FRIDAYS:                    Government


SATURDAYS:              Media


SUNDAYS:                  Religion

This above suggestive way of categorizing different days of the week for specific prayer needs, is a great way to see results when praying for a region, culture, nation or continent.  It is strategic to have a plan of prayer, yet also be flexible to the voice of the Holy Spirit when He wants to powerfully move through you.  It was Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade, and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission that were inspired in 1975 on what is called "Reclaiming the 7 Mountains.  You can visit the ministry link here.

So we encourage you to seek the Lord on the day He would have you pray, and when you pray center on the society's topic you selected.  If the Lord also reveals something to you about other areas record it or write it to share later by email, or blog, then return to the focused area of society for your day. 

If you would like to pray specifically for something the Lord has put on your heart to start, contact us and let us agree with you ( - affiliated with multiple kingdom network ministries. you can request a prayer list for the week directly at this email now:


We want to bring you, the intercessors together for a revolution in the nations, in society, in our generation!

or simply send us your prayer need

Please contact us and tell us about you and what the Lord has placed in your heart for the purpose you believe He has placed you here for such a time as this. 

The foundation of all eternal change for the kingdom of God in a culture or generation is primarily and continually through our heart yielded to His heart in prayer - for His glory; hearing the voice of God about the root issues and how to be a catalyst in His hands together, is key not just for changing the world, but especially changing the world one.

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Send us an email with your name, subject matter and how best to contact you.

To the left is an example of a key prayer team years ago (there were several) who prayed for my mission work in France and the nations and till this day are still a precious support of prayer.

Melodie (Noble) Merand, Ester Pasaribu, Ayol Massoma, Joy Ntibundu



       VTN prayer

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